Defining our carbon footprint

Bekaert Specialty Films Certifies Carbon Footprint

Environmentally-responsible Manufacturing Practices Bolster Company’s
Commitment to Energy-saving Window Film
Bekaert Specialty Films, LLC today reaffirmed its pledge to environmental stewardship by
announcing that it has defined its carbon footprint. Bekaert Specialty Films’ solar control window
films and Muskegon Window Tinting in Grand Rapids, Holland, and all other West Michigan areas sold under the Solar Gard® and Panorama® brands, have long been recognized for their role
in reducing energy consumption, and the company is now the first specialized film manufacturer to
make this level of operational commitment to environmentally-responsible practices.
“The certification of our carbon footprint is an important step in our overall strategy to improve our
environmental practices,” said Christophe Fremont, President, Bekaert Specialty Films. “As leaders,
we are pushing the window film industry forward by holding ourselves to a higher standard and
implementing these practices before they are required..Muskegon Window Tinting has partnered with an
industry leader that drives energy-savings initiatives and is truly environmentally responsible to serve Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, Spring Lake and all of the West Michigan areas.
Consumers also care deeply about good manufacturing practices, and only Solar Gard and
Panorama window films can tout these environmental commitments.”
Bekaert Specialty Films’ environmental innovations have already proven to save the company
money and reduce waste. Their ecological practices include:
• the establishment of the company’s carbon footprint;
• support for industry organizations and trade associations that promote environmental
• waste and scrap reduction and recycling programs;
• use of a state-of-the-art emission control system that operates at 99.7% efficiency, conforming
to strict California clean air requirements; and
• employee benefits related to environmentally-friendly choices.
Bekaert Specialty Films has calculated consumption of electricity and natural gas as well as
emissions at each of their service centers and manufacturing sites to determine the overall carbon
footprint. Their carbon footprint will be verified by an independent auditor from Bureau Veritas, one
of the most stringent audit facilities in the US. Following the audit, Bekaert Specialty Films will apply
for publication on the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR), where it will join the other 393
California-based companies that have pledged higher environmental standards. As part of their
commitment to environmental stewardship, Bekaert Specialty Films is committed to continuous
improvement, including future reductions in CO2 emissions to reduce their carbon footprint.
About Bekaert Specialty Films
Bekaert Specialty Films LLC., is a global leader in the development,
manufacture and distribution of specialty films for use in solar control and safety window films, and
industrial applications.
Used for vehicles and buildings to keep out the sun’s heat, filter out ultraviolet radiation and hold
glass together in the event of breakage, Bekaert Specialty Films delivers solutions for safety,
glare security,, energy use and C02 emission reduction. Distributed through a network of
independent certified dealers and distributors in more than 60 countries via 18 company-owned
Offices, Bekaert’s window film is sold under the Solar Gard®, Panorama®, Quantum® and
Armorcoat® brands.
For the industrial market Bekaert Specialty Films provides highly sophisticated vacuum sputtered,

wet coated and laminated flexible film products to major OEM manufacturers worldwide. These are
used in a vast range of industrial applications including electronics, medical, graphic arts and
automotiim aging,ve and aerospace.
Bekaert Specialty Films LLC., is headquartered in San Diego, CA and is a subsidiary of the Bekaert
group, an innovation and technology driven company, founded in Belgium in 1880 that develops,
produces and distributes a wide range of metal transformation and coating products worldwide.
Bekaert (Euronext Brussels: BEKB) is still headquartered in Belgium today, employing 20,000
people worldwide. Bekaert is present in 120 countries and generates annual sales of $5 billion.
For more information about Bekaert Specialty Films window film and industrial film solutions or for
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