Glass Coatings and Tinting Grand Rapids

At Muskegon Window Tinting / Greater Michigan Glass Coatings there are several shades of Glass coatings and tinting to choose from in west Michigan. We specialize in each homes and window tinting business needs for Heat, Fade, Glare, and privacy. Glass Coatings are two mill coatings. We also specialize in safety glass coatings which are also used to prevent glass shattering in homes, businesses, and vehicles. We serve all West Michigan. Glass Coatings minimizes the need for blinds and drapes. You will get the view you paid for. While visiting in Grand Haven and Grand Rapids, Holland we see the need for window coatings on water front homes facing west and south. High heat, fading, and glare are making it hard to even watch their football games on television. Several locations in west Michigan have a need for privacy in their homes and businesses. Many restaurants in west Michigan uses glass coating and tinting to minimize heat and glare so their customers are comfortable while enjoying their meals. We at Muskegon window tinting have enjoyed meeting and making our customer’s living environment a much more enjoyable place to be. Window film is one of the fastest payback of any building product you can put in a house or building. Window film can reduce up to two thirds of the heat load of your air conditioner, thus cutting down on the run time, the amount of heat that has to be.
More people are becoming involved in the green initiative. It is quickly becoming one of the largest global environmental movements ever. But what does being “green” mean? In general terms, being green means displaying an ethical way of thinking in relation to the environment while considering the impact that is being made to the Earth’s Ecological Footprint.

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