How can we all help mother nature?

Green Window Films?

I cant think of a more environmental friendly thing to do than what i do for a living. I coat glass in homes and businesses to reduce energy demands. I saved just ONE company the equivalent of 780 tree’s worth of power last year. I’ve been told that because of my installs in the last 34 years, i am responsible for approx 170,000 tonne’s less demand on the grid ANNUALLY! Just very proud of all the customers who cared enough to help mother nature out a little at a time. WE have coated as little as 1 set of sliders in someones home all the way up to a 23 story buildings and an army base. Every window tinted helps the whole system. For instance we can reduce as much as 75% of the heat gain through a section of a home or business and can reduce as much as 75% of the demand on the AC systems under duress. One area of the home may require as much as 4 tonnes on the system.We can draw that down to 1.5 tonnes or less. In many buildings we will offer a FREE energy analysis and give the customer in writing exactly how much they will save, how much less oil will be needed and even how many tree’s will be saved. Not only does window films do all that to save on energy, it also reduces the fading of furniture and therefor adds to the life of your belongings. Less need for replacement, less cost to you in the long run. Any west, south west or southern exposures are in need of solar energy reducing products. People build homes for the view and the beauty and often end up covering them with blinds.No longer able to see the view we desire and blinds have a minimal effect on energy usage. We at Muskegon Window Tinting inc and Greater Michigan Glass coatings are dedicated not only to the environment but to our customers comfort and protection.

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