Muskegon Window Tinting (231} 788-5000 offers green power options

Muskegon Window Tinting / Greater Michigan Glass Coating and Tinting offers green power options,/GO GREENWINDOWFILMS.COM is not just a catchy name…it’s a part of the future. In the United States, coal-fired plants release almost three billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere–every year–just to keep our electricity up and running. Finding ways to curb our energy consumption helps, but the best way to chip away at those billions of tons is to switch to green power. Fortunately, more than 600 utility companies in over 30 states now offer options for supporting green power. In some states, customers can choose to have all their household power generated from renewable sources like wind and solar power. Other utility companies offer “green pricing” programs. Customers who sign up pay a small premium added to their monthly bill that is used to up the company’s, in renewable energy, leading to a greater percentage of green power for all customers. Check out the EPAs Green Power Locator map to find a green power provider in your state. If your local utility company doesn’t offer any green power options, you don’t have to move to support renewable energy.

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