WARNING! Home / Business Owners

Be Aware of Unlicensed Contractors!

If you are planning a home improvement project like WINDOW TINTING and glass coating, you will probably need to hire a contractor. There are basic things you need to know about having a contractor in your home.
BEWARE of Un-licensed / Un-insured Contractors.
When you as a homeowner have an un-licensed and/or un-insured glass coating company doing work on your property, you put yourself at tremendous financial risk. You run the risk of being subject to anyone, or even all of the following if the contractor is injured while working on your home:

Medical bills for injured contractor/handyman
Lawsuit by contractor/handyman
Increase in insurance policy cost or cancellation of policy by insurance companies in Michigan.

Regardless of whether the window tinting company is doing the work CHEAP or just installing one window, you open yourself up to significant liability as a homeowner.
Unlicensed usually means uninsured.
No coverage under homeowner’s policy.
Poor quality of work.
Con artists
NO recourse for warranty’s!
Look for Insurance or licensing information you can verify.

Does your homeowner’s insurance provide worker’s compensation benefits? Do you have an injury settlement set aside just for uninsured workers? Why should you pay the fee’s and be responsible to run someone else’s business and then get left holding the bag while they are moving on the next victim.

Also, Muskegon Window Tinting has a list and is repairing the work of many homeowners who have NO recourse for the warranties with the work performed on their homes. A signature with a promise on an invoice purchased from an office store doesn’t count as a warranty. Repairs by other company’s that refuse to acknowledge, other company’s that are completely out of business, or worse yet changed their names are a concern.
Glass coaters and tinters work around and above your children and family.
Glass coaters are often on ladders and scaffolds.
Property, people and family pets need to be protected.
Window film installers have razors, razor blades and other potentially harmful equipment.
Homeowners need expert installers with decades of experience.
Home owners need companies that care about operating legally.

Muskegon Window Tinting Inc. is a fully insured and licensed company with liability insurance and manufacturer warranty’s. We accept all forms of inquiry into our backgrounds including criminal. If the price is too good to be true, there is a serious reason for it.