Window tinting is popular here in West Michigan and Grand Rapids

Here in Grand Rapids we have customers who have added window tinting from home to home as they move. With Muskegon window tinting now offering more and more support in Grand Rapids and in the West Michigan area, we wish to thank all of our past and future Grand Rapids and West Michigan customers.

Muskegon window tinting has been around for years doing jobs that most people felt were impossible to do. Such as installing window films in up and out of the way positions and places, behind counter tops, walls and other remodeling obstructions. Just to name a few. Film installers have shown West Michigan that doing a one piece back windows not only looks great but has set the bar for the rest of Michigan.

People understand that the sun is more harmful now than ever. The sun that is burning hot and fading floors and damaging your belongings with U.V. and infra red, not only make people very uncomfortable in the one place they need to feel their best, their home, but also devaluing your property. West Michigan is now looking at privacy to protect their business and homes and auto. The Crime rates in Grand Rapids are high and many of the calls to 911 are break-ins. We at Muskegon window tinting take pride in the fact that window tinting is cutting down on the crimes, “Out of site-out of mind “is our motto. You may ask how this is; well the blocking of sight of the person wanting to break in is the key. If they can’t see in open sight something to steal of value, there is a less chance a person will break in to the home or car looking for items to sell in this low economy. If they did try and gain entry, Panorama window films will make this very difficult for them to get through the glass.

People around West Michigan have asked for more ways to stop crimes and prevent theft around West Michigan homes, Detroit itself is known as one of the most crime ridden cities in Michigan. We have Armor Coat safety and anti theft materials several ml. thick. We even have safety films in Panorama designer tints.


Since our company has always been in the West Michigan area a lot of local businesses in Grand Rapids are in line to have great installations this month.


We will be here in Muskegon, Grand Rapids and all over West Michigan for many years to come, adding privacy, comfort, safety and protection to you home, business or auto.


Thank you all for helping. Michigan is a safer place with Panorama solar gard window films…and your help of course.
Staying cool and looking great in west michigan.


Thank you for your business. For more information please call Muskegon Window Tinting / Grater Michigan Glass Coating [231] 788-5000 or 1-[877] 788- 5001.