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Benefits for business

Muskegon Window Tinting carries a verity of films to meet the needs of business. Safety Film: Once the film is applied and dried it becomes safety film. It holds shattered glass firmly in place. Cost of glass cleanup is reduced. Bekaert Armor Coat safety window film provides the best defense from the dangers of broken glass. Bekaert safety window films help hold glass in place upon impact, offering 24-hour window protection against intruders, storms, and terrorists. Resilient security film improves window safety for business.

Solar Heat Protection

Solar heat pours in through unprotected windows, causing uneven temperatures, hotspots and a never-ending battle with the thermostat. By having Panorama window films installed, you’ll be keeping up to 80 percent of solar energy out of your building, resulting in a cooler, more temperate climate for less strain on your HVAC unit and significantly lower utility bills. In fact, Bekaert is so effective that it usually pays for itself in just a couple of years. In any location, Bekaert can help lower your operating expenses, which increases property value. Provide impressive energy savings, improve comfort year-round, and help protect against ultraviolet damage. Our Muskegon Window Tinting will be going green by tinting your homes, thus improving your home’s energy

Protection from Fading and glare

Muskegon Window Tinting takes pride in working with and educating business in protecting from fading, and glare. Can’t see your computer screen and/or paper work glare causing eyestrain? We can help. Do you want to prevent deterioration of fabrics and carpets, wooden floors, furnishings, and valuable displays of artwork? All interior items will be preserved because Panorama films reject an up to 99% of the harmful and damaging ultraviolet radiation, and varying amounts of heat and light. This helps protect the contents of your building from premature damage and your occupants from ultraviolet health threats. Harmful ultraviolet radiation is constantly pouring through your windows, making distant memories of the rich colors that used to adorn your fabrics, and woodwork. Panorama film is like sunscreen for your business or office- significantly increasing the life and beauty of your interior. It also never hurts to go green and reduce energy usage.

Protection from Skin Cancer

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 1 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year. Of these cases, more than 111,900 are melanoma, a cancer that claims nearly 8,000 lives annually. Bekaert window film helps protect you from premature skin aging and some potential skin cancers with up to 99% UV protection. Many people do not realize they are exposed to the sun while at work or at home because damaging UV rays penetrate glass. The simple, professional installation of Bekaert panorama window film can help prevent the devastating effects of ultraviolet rays, such as premature aging wrinkles, sunspots and even skin cancer. Bekaert Panorama® window film carries The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.


At Muskegon Window Tinting we offer a variety of privacy films. We carry blackout film if you have windows that require total privacy. Blackout can hide shelves or boxes or anything unsightly. We also have a wide variety of colors of matte films.