Safety Glass

Safety Films are more than just safety


After the film is applied and dried it becomes safety film. It holds shattered glass firmly in place protecting passengers and interior of vehicle. Cost of glass cleanup is reduced. Bekaert Armor Coat safety window film provides the best defense from the dangers of broken glass. Bekaert safety window films help hold glass in place upon impact, offering 24-hour window protection against intruders, storms, hurricanes, terrorists, and earthquakes. Resilient security film improves window safety for homes, businesses and government properties worldwide. Bekaert is the manufacturer of both clear and solar protection window f
ilms, both offering additional UV protection. Bekaert also makes safety films with all the benefits of solar protection as well.
From homes and small storefronts to expansive high rises and safety-intensive government agencies, every building is better protected with Bekaert safety window films.
Protect your family from the dangers of broken glass.
Protect your small business, government installation, or commercial property.

Be Comfortable

Window tinting helps reduce heat in your vehicle, helps cool down children, and keeps groceries fresh longer. In the winter, tinting acts as a barrier by keeping the heat within the vehicle; it reduces eyestrain, and fatigue. It also benefits sensitive individuals with skin rashes and skin cancer. It helps with night blindness from on-coming headlights, and UV rays.