What causes fading?


Bekaert is protecting the valuable displays and artwork that were threatened by potential ultraviolet damage. The rooms would grow uncomfortably hot and there was bright glare coming off the glass displays. To add to the challenge, since the museum a historic building, it was very important that the Bekaert solution not alter the Castle’s grand Victorian appearance. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation, heat and light are major contributors to the fading and deterioration of fabrics, carpets, furnishings, storefront displays and other interior items. All Bekaert® films reject an up to 99% of the harmful and damaging ultraviolet radiation, and varying amounts of heat and light. This helps protect the contents of your home or building from premature damage, and your occupants from ultraviolet health threats. While nothing prevents fading entirely, Bekaert window film is one of the most effective and attractive ways to prolong the life of your precious valuables.


Increased Fade Resistance Harmful ultraviolet radiation is constantly pouring through your windows, making distant memories of the rich colors that used to adorn your fabrics, art and woodwork. Additionally, windows allow in large amounts of solar heat and visible light – two serious contributors to fading. Bekaert window film helps. We at Muskegon Window Tinting take pride in protecting your home and valuables.


You don’t have to change your floor at a lot of cost for repairing fading damages, just tint your windows and block out all the rays that harm your floor.