Scratches On Window Tint – How To Repair

scratches on window tint

Little Scratches On Window Tint are common in tinted windows but when it’s badly scratched like more than 5 or 6 long scratches, it should be immediately fixed or repaired. But do we know where the scratches come from? Or is it possible to remove scratched or damaged window tint? Yes, it’s possible to remove …

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Subaru Forester Factory Window Tint – A Standard Vehicle Tint

subaru forester factory window tint

A few days ago, a customer of the Subaru Forester came with heat and glare issues. So, we have shared about Subaru Forester Factory Window Tint, which is a privacy glass applied to the inside of your automobile. This article is intended for those who are searching for a detailed overview of vehicle window tint, …

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How To Remove Light Scratches From Window Tint – Fix the Spots

how to remove light scratches from window tint

Attaching the window tint on your vehicle is a decision of protecting the car from a lot of obstacles. But suddenly you noticed the vehicle got scratches from the tint that make things difficult to see! Now, what can you do and how to remove light scratches from window tint? Tint basically performs as a …

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Do You Tip Window Tinters – Advice For Car Owners

do you tip window tinters

Window tinting is the job of covering the car’s glass with a thin laminated film to make it darker.  But what if you need to repair or replace your car’s tint with an expert? How much do we have to pay? Or do you tip window tinters to make them encouraged for their job? In …

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