Can I wash my car two days after tint? – Advice from Expert

Can I wash my car two days after tint

Tinting a vehicle may be pretty exciting for a car lover. Not only because it provides privacy but also because it adds a fashionable and polished aesthetic to the car. When many people add this modification to their vehicle, they wash it immediately and take it for a drive. Is it permissible to wash it …

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What Does 70 Percent Window Tint Look Like in Your Car

70 Percent Window Tint

The topic that’s going to be discussed is 70 percent window tint. But before jumping into the matter, why 70 percent? Well, it’s the tint used by most states in the USA, next to the 50 percent tint users. More importantly, what’s a window tint? Why is it done? What are its particulars? A thin, …

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